A Corrigendum to V1.3.2 and a Comment to V1.3.3

Preface The publication of the book written by Richard Lynn and me (Lynn & Becker, 2019) and of V1.3.2 of the NIQ-dataset got a lot of attention and feedback. I’m very grateful for any positive or negative comments as they help me to further improve my work. Although I wanted to release the next version […]

Version 1.3.2 now uploaded

Version 1.3.2 now uploaded A new version of the NIQ dataset was completed yesterday and uploaded today. It now includes 669 samples with a total of 617,581 individuals from 130 different countries. The global IQ is now 81.98 (N=130; SD=13.43) for measured IQs only or 81.90 (N=201; SD=13.47) if missing countries have been supplemented by geographical […]

THE NIQ-DATASET V1.3 – A Summary (Part – II)

This is a continuation. Enumerations of tables and figures continuous from Part – I. Explanations for abbreviations etc. could already be in Part – I. For Part – I and – II, the same dataset was used. Correlation analysis Simply comparing means does not let us analyze important deviations. Therefore, this section will discuss results […]

THE NIQ-DATASET V1.3 – A Summary (Part – I)

A new version of the THE NIQ-DATASET (V1.3) is nearing completion. It will be based largely on the same data that already underlie V1.2, but will contain a large amount of new statistical analysis. This blog post summarizes the most important findings. It presents comparisons between different estimates,––such as between Lynn and Vanhanen’s 2002 and […]

A Warm Welcome

Scientific conferences often start with a greeting to the participants and audience who have traveled long distances around the globe to communicate with, or just listen to, their colleagues. I would like to adhere to this tradition, even if the Internet has significantly shortened the travel time, because this blog has as its aim to […]